Elena Goubar was born in the south of Russia and lived until 2001 in Engels, the sister city of Saratov on the Volge. After finishing secondary school, studying chemistry and biology at the University of Saratov and working as a teacher, she studied art at the Krupskaya University in Moscow. Since 1990 she has devoted herself exclusively to painting. Elena Goubar lives and works in the Zurich region (Switzerland), is married and has two adult daughters from her first marriage.

1979: Studies of chemistry and biology at the University of Saratov with following several years of teaching

1981 Art studies at the Krupskaya University in Moscow

1989 Opening of a state-licensed art school in Balesino (Ural, Russia)

1990 First exhibition in the municipal museum of Serpuchov (Moscow Region).

1995 First foreign exhibition in Lindau on Lake Constance (Germany) at the invitation of the then Mayor Josef Euringer

1995 - 2008 numerous exhibitions at home and abroad (see "exhibitions")

2002 Relocation to Switzerland and second marriage, followed by various stays abroad

2010 since August 2010 back in Switzerland

2018 new studio with workshop rooms in Tann (Zurich Oberland)