Have an expressive portrait painted

Whether of a family member, an important personality, of oneself, one's partner, the family, children or grandchildren: an individual portrait painting made in the traditional manner is still a valuable, everlasting work of art with a unique charisma, even in the age of photography.

Good portraits live and breathe

Human faces are segments of expression and identification. They reflect thoughts and emotions. Portraits take on this identifying power and develop it further, condensing experiences, memories, situations and actions into an aesthetic experience.

The image of unmistakable individuality

The fact that a portrait bears a resemblance to a real person is undoubtedly significant, but has more to do with craftsmanship than with art. Far more demanding than portrait fidelity is the depiction of the expression or inner life of the person portrayed. A good portrait shows much more than just the face.

Contemporary Portrait Art

In my pursuit of beauty and authenticity, I have developed my own visual language. Instead of a snapshot, she uses an aesthetic construct that is both staging and image, and which occasionally takes on an independent form and color. Out of craftsmanship, a unique style and a special painting technique that can neither be reproduced nor copied, contemporary works of art with lasting value are created.

Portrait of a "Grande Dame".

Style, cosmopolitanism and an extremely well-groomed appearance characterize the "grandezza" of this personality. Qualities that are reflected in the portrait - commissioned by the grandson.

The sadness of the girl

Customers do not always want cheerfulness and a cheerful mood to be presented. Sometimes they also want their world-weariness to be captured. A characterizing realization makes this easier to recognize than a photorealistic image.

A strong character

Striking portrait of a strong personality. The lack of background gives the motif even more weight, as does the creative realization of the facial features.

With a disarming smile

Like hardly any other style of painting, that of Elena Goubar is suited to bring out the character of a person portrayed.

One person, two personalities

Very unusual realization of a person who did not want to see himself in a static mood, but wanted to see different inwardness.


In Russia it is good manners for leaders to have their portraits taken. Usually this results in photo-like paintings. I have consciously contrasted with this.

Les Médiévales

She is always present at the "Médiévales" in Saint-Ursanne, the singer of a medieval juggler troupe - and without doubt a highly attractive model for a portrait.

Memories of mom

Solving crossword puzzles was one of her great passions. However, the clients would never have agreed to a conventional portrait. The memory of mother should be connected to something that has given her joy throughout her life.

Of your own free will

The assignment was actually only to take photos. The portrait was done of his own free will, but in the end it caused at least as much enthusiasm as the photographs.


Although very old, great-grandmother still sits every morning at the table in the dining room of her hotel, which has long been run by her descendants, and drinks her beer. Just as she has done for decades.

Neighbor at work

He transports logs from the forest to the railroad station and loads them onto railroad wagons. He was so enthusiastic about my portrait painting that he commissioned several works.

My mother

Until old age, the dacha was my mother's favorite place. Here she cared for her flowers, here she planted her vegetables, here was the place where she could look as she liked.

The boy at the public festival

He was a little uncomfortable to be photographed just like that at the folk festival and to be portrayed afterwards. It is part of an artist's skill to subtly respond to the people when creating the templates.

Fascinating characters

Charismatic figures, like this toy dealer from Bordeaux, are always particularly suitable models for portraits. Even if they are free works and are not commissioned.


The beret is a headwear made of wool or felt, which comes from the Basque Country and neighboring Béarn. In the middle it often wears a short stump, a remnant of earlier long bobble.

Longing for tenderness

She was a model for countless of my works and was one of my most important clients. The central pictorial component: her feminine charisma, her delicate nature.

A bear from a man

Igor, a heavyweight building contractor from Russia, was proud of his muscular body all his life. As with many Russians, his favorite drink was not vodka but tea.

My husband

He did not like to be photographed, he did not like to be portrayed. But in the end he liked the artistic realization of his portrait exceptionally well.