Full body portrait regular

Full body portrait regular

CHF 2'000.00

Elena Goubar is not subject to VAT (Elena Goubar ist nicht mehrwertsteuerpflichtig). plus shipping
The paintings are unique. Only 1 piece available.


Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm

Oil on canvas

  • Price: incl. material, excl. framing and shipping costs (abroad)
  • Time required from receipt of order: 4 to 6 weeks (or by arrangement)
  • Delivery: in Switzerland the paintings are delivered free of charge
  • Template for the creation of the portrait: photo session (optional) by Elena Goubar or suitable photos by the client. Photo sessions must be ordered additionally.

Before a painting is made, a longer conversation takes place. This serves to get to know the person to be portrayed. The better the character of the person can be "felt", the more expressive the result will be.

The paintings are created with oil paint on high-quality canvas with a painting knife technique. Paintings made with this technique can neither be copied nor imitated in any other way, so they are unique in the sense of the word. This is due to the specific peculiarities of the painting knife technique, where the colors mix first on the canvas and the thickness of the paint application depends on the movement how the painting knife is guided. Only a few artists master this technique for portraits where even the finest details can be important.